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It seems like I was tagged by :iconcomic-ray: for a 8 fact meme tag for my OC Melissa Joan Graydia

These are the rules for it:

1), Post these Rules
2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4), Post their names as well as their owners

To be honest, I was not sure if I should do this, because let's be frank here...
I doubt that anyone (maybe one or two) is reading my journals. That is a fact.

But since
:iconcomic-ray: is a good friend of mine, I go for it. Bear in mind that when I got tagged, I was redesigning Melissa for my new story.

8 facts about Melissa Joan Graydia

Fact 1:
Melissa is able to morph from her human self into an anthropomorphic being, that resamples a creature, which looks like a hybrid mixture out of a fox and a cat with a black and white fur coloring and a long, thin tail. Melissa can use this ability on the fly. However, this cost Melissa's body a huge amount of energy and a so-called transformation climax, which she has to overcome. However, even in her human form, there is something that connects her to her animalic counterpart; her black eyeballs, that let the iris look like a glowing ring in pitch darkness.

Fact 2:
In her zoanthropic form, Melissa obtains a brute force ,that allows her to lift a car and toss it like it is a toy or cut with her claws through metal like a hot knife through butter.

Fact 3:

Even though Demons and Aliens are commonly known, zoanthropic creatures like Melissa are not naturally and
therefore a sign of an artificially created being. But no one knows who is responsible for their creation since no known race is able to create a living being with such abilities, not even the highly intelligent Ceronauts.

Fact 4:
Even more proof that Melissa was "created", is the fact that a single command can lock her ability to morph into her other self, which can make her life pretty difficult.

Fact 5:
Many people are scared of Melissa's last name Graydia, but no one dares to explain why.

Fact 6:
Melissa has no problem to show herself naked to others. In the most cases of Melissa's transformation, her clothes are getting too tight and rip appart, while her fur covers her body. If it comes to Melissa, she can't understand why it is such a problematic to be naked in public or why (some) people seems to dislike the idea and therefore only wears clothes if she is in public or if necessary.

Fact 7:
In the home of the Maverick clan, Melissa is the oldest and strongest member. She is more than loyal towards the others members and enjoys to fool around with them.

Fact 8:
Even though Melissa (175cm) is very massive and huge in her zoanthropic form (200cm), she is able to sneak onto other people and surprise them with her sudden presents.

So much for Melissa's eight facts. I tag everyone who likes to give it a try.

See your around,

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